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The Madonna-Ritchie Divorce

Created: 2008-10-22 02:09:40
The media is going crazy - after eight years of marriage, the pop-queen and well-known film director announced about their divorce. Madonna and Ritchie was one of the most popular couples, but they have never talked about their personal life openly.
Now it looks like that we can guess a reason for that silence - not everything was as well, as it was stated, in their family life. More and more interesting facts surface as the battle on financial settlement and children custody is running up. While at first it was stated, that Madonna, Ritchie and their lawyers agreed on all details during one day, now the media already nick-named their negotiations as the War of Roses.
She calls him a gold digger, he claims she is a total control freak. Guy states, that they did not have love life, as Madonna spent all her effort, time and power on working and work-outing. Fitness-obsessed and super-toned Madonna is not the woman he fell in love with. Then the singer spoke out that her soon-to-be ex-husband is emotionally retarded, and later both partners exchanged accusations on spying or even stalking the other one. In addition, rumors about Madonna's friendship with New York Yankees baseball star Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez has intensified. Moreover, it looks like that the dad of her adopted child from Malawi wants his son back...
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That is already a long list of statements, facts and rumors, and it is likely to be continued. What started as a dream romance and beautiful wedding, may end up being one of the ugliest divorce processes. Have you ever though this could happen?

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