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Conflict in Georgia

Created: 2008-08-28 22:07:50
The Georgia-Russia conflict can be called the most controversial clash of 2008. Not only because many innocent people were killed, but also because it is still unclear, who is to blame for it, and what are the plans behind this disagreement.
Georgia never was a clam region. Through the ages, it either fought the outside enemies, either had inside disorders between different ethnic groups.
However, after Rose Revoliution and presidential election when Mikheil Saakashvili, the intelligent and pro-democratic politician came to power, it looked like this country stepped into better times.
Suddenly one day the world heard the call for help - Georgia claimed that Russia attacked it and infringed its sovereignty.
Russia presents the different version. According Russian president Medvedev, the army was sent to Georgia only to protect Russian citizens living in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, who were assailed by the Georgians. The war began and Russian army was going deeper and deeper into the country. It was clear that Georgians will lose it.
Saakashvili appealed to US and EU for help, but only diplomatic means were taken. However, after some talks and persuasions the ceasefire was signed and Russians pulled back.
Georgia claims that Russia wants to regain territories of USSR. Russia answers that it has the right to protect its citizens. During the war, many times it was unclear which side was telling the truth and which was hiding something.
Which side do you support and believe more - Russia or Georgia?
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