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David Is Invited to Join AC Milan

Created: 2008-10-26 00:57:40
The reasons of Beckham moving to AC Milan is a widely discussed topic around football fans all over the world.
One opinion states, the despite the recent lack of impressive achievements, David is still a player from the football elite. He is professional, experienced, clever, quick and in good shape.
While another opinion claims, that David is better at promoting himself as a brand, but not in football field. He is a top celebrity, having shiny image and millions of fans all over the world. Every club, having David in its team, would experience a huge increase in publicity and profitable possibilities. The media around him guarantees a rise in spectators' number, and adding him together with Kaka and Ronaldinho, AC Milan turns to dream-team of Europe's football.
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What do you think - is this 6-month contract is done for the game or for the money?

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