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Google Chrome OS kills Windows?

Created: 2009-07-08 15:20:59
Google announced the big news today - it will develop operating software for personal computers, called Google Chrome OS. Google claim that it would be their attempt to re-think what operating systems should be like.
Of course, the main rival of the Google Chrome OS will be Windows - world's most popular OS at the moment. This way Google continues the duel with Microsoft. We already could and still can follow the battles like 'Chrome-Internet Explorer' or 'Bing-Google search'. However, Google Chrome OS looks like Google's most direct challenge yet to Microsoft.
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So we invite everybody to speculate on the outcome of the battle 'Google Chrome OS-Windows'. Is Google going to knock Microsoft down? Or Windows will never be defeated as the most popular OS? Tell us.

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Comments (Wednesday, 07.8.09 @ 19:16pm)
The thing people don't seem to get in Googles article is that the "apps" that Google Chrome OS can run will also work in Google Chrome and vice versa.

And that Google has plans to bake their O3D plugin and their Native Client plugin right into future builds of Google Chrome.

So it gives them a huge edge in gaining developers by allowing devs to code something once and run it on Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS (plus they've mentioned bringing Google Chrome to Android at one point).

I was in Love with Vista. (Friday, 07.17.09 @ 05:53am)
When I hate MS that they gave me a Vista (actually a alpha beta OS) and Now they are launding Windows 7.We have to pay for that. Damm. I wish Google will Eat up Its Share Market. Then In few Next year It will Eat up Whole MS.

No Bad Guy can take advantage of its shit.
Thank You.

Nick T (Sunday, 07.26.09 @ 06:35am)
I really like windows, and i don't hate linux/ independant operating systems. I would love to see google destroy microsoft's market share. The reality is that windows appeals to too large of a crowd of people that don't have any reason/need/want to switch from it. I used linux for a while and realised that windows had everything I needed, and more driver support. I do realise that this has gotten better, but Linux really is just kind of a cool toy; it's really neat and all but frankly windows with a good antivirus program and a few geeks that know what they're doing can keep a pc running for a seriously long time. I have a 10 year old hp laptop that is still running as proof of this. But as I said before , i would love to see microsoft come crashing down. But also as I said before (or implied) the microsoft empire is way too large to fall. Then again, so was Rome...

Matt K. (Wednesday, 08.26.09 @ 08:38am)
The Operating System is an underlying computer program. It is something that should be transparent to the user, as to let the user run the Applications they want.

The Operating System should not step on the toes of the user with allowing pop ups, nor should it be so security vulnerable to make like on the Internet harder and unsafe. Microsoft has failed in selling the public a secure and safe Operating System on which the e-economy should be run on.

Not to mention government client computers!

So, Google is basically coming out and saying hey, we are rich, we have Billions in the Bank, we do not like BING, and we hate BotNets and how MS stiffles Internet Innovations.

Google needs more people online, therefore, a safe fast Operating System. If they can not rely on Microsoft to supply it, (and Apple's price points for it's OS is out of the range or a lot of the publics wallets) has not compelled Google to just create their own OS.

They probably would not attempt to do so, if it had not been for the Open Source Movement. Now that Linux is matured, and well known, and used to power Google itself, Google can leverage it and make the Internet Safer and more accessible to the public... which translates into more AD Words and profits for Google.

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