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Created: 2008-09-09 21:15:31
Informatyviausia pokerio svetaine Lietuvoje.
Card games are popular as in reality, as online. Many people spend their free time counting stakes and trying to catch luck.
However, in some countries online gambling is forbidden, as it is considered to be an addicting game, and there were cases, when people lost a lot of money, by not being able to stop playing.
On the other side, enthusiasts all over the world claim that at least poker, from all other card games, is a sport. It requires not only luck, but a lot of logical thinking, knowledge of game, strategic viewpoint, experience, and even acting skills. Very similar to chess, just poker is played for money...
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What do you think on this topic? How do you see online gambling: as dangerous ardor, or as a leisure activity, similar to solitaire?

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Tom (Wednesday, 10.1.08 @ 06:07am)
I can see why people are so against it, there will always be people against Gambling.. Whether it is online or on land, whether Casinos or Sports, it will always be around and there will always be people against it..

Before I got a job in the Online Gambling industry, I still didn't have a problem with it.. If people want to do it, then that is fine by me.. It is their choice in life..

I suppose it is easier for anyone to get involved since it is online, but if they were going to do it, they will find a way to.. Be it online, or somewhere in a back alley, or in a real casino..

I work as a graphics designer for a company which runs Online Casinos and Poker Rooms.. and we cop flack, Something major just recently hit the industry by people against it..

As I said, there will always be debates towards it.. But it is a legalized industry, following strict laws, licensing, regulations and guidelines.. With high security available for players and those who run the Casinos..

So yes, I can see why people think negatively for it, but my personal view is it is fine..

It is the illegal gambling I disagree on, illegal sports betting and betting on humans and animals..

Tom (another one :-)) (Wednesday, 12.10.08 @ 17:02pm)
You know i agree that poker/casino is something one can get too deep into, but.. Isn't it the same with alcohol/cigarettes? Coffee? Or even food?

I think people seemingly having gambling related problems are actually worth a deeper look at.

It's not like a person who lives a joyful life in a loving family would try playing poker once, when he loses a hundred bucks and then ruins his life. Ok?

These are the problems our society is incapable to solve so they just turn it into something like "these people are gamblers". Poker or gambling has less to do with it than coffee or cigarettes or alcohol taken together. So go enjoy your game! Remember the loved ones though, kiss them tonight good nigh ;-) and you'll be fine.

Or if you don't already have a life worth living, then... fine, go play poker so you can enjoy Earth for a few minutes, just don't say poker ruined you when the government comes, ok?

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