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Is Quick and Cheap Divorce Possible?

Created: 2008-10-14 01:17:40
Unfortunately, marriage is not necessarily an interminable process. Divorce rate clearly shows, that many pairs decide to part their lives and get a divorce.
However, the process can be highly complicated - with the divorce lawyers, papers and court involved. And it gets more difficult, if a child custody, alimony or child support need to be determined. Moreover, the divorce process is not only long, but expensive as well, as I do not think, that majority of divorce attorneys are cheap.
What could be the solution to this problem? Don't hire the best divorce lawyers - go for online divorce! Yes, as we live in the XXIst century, this is already possible. Just fill in the forms online, and you've got yourself quick, and, more important, low cost divorce.
However, this way divorce becomes so easy and simple, that this kind of service can increase the divorce rate even more...
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What do you think about this topic? Is online divorce a normal, modern, quick and cheap way to end your marriage? Or this process shouldn't be moved to virtual space?

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