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Aristocratic Names

Created: 2008-09-28 21:16:02
Baby girl or baby boy is a big joy for a family. One of the most challenging first tasks is to pick a catchy, meaningful, beautiful or maybe even an aristocratic name for the little miracle.
Naming always was a difficult task, because parents understand, that the name will follow their offspring all the life. Usually parents do not want too popular, or top name - they search for something uncommon, but together well-sounding and not too strange.
Names for babies have their fashions too. There were waves of Slavic and Hispanic names, and now aristocratic, or royal names are the newest craze of newborn babies' parents.
That's why families started looking back and browsing names' history of royal families. Aristocratic names are classical, well known, but not met too often, and have that resonance to the majesty and glory of past queens, kings, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses... Parents look for their inspiration by digging through names of royal Hohenzollern, Habsburg, Hanoverian, Stuart, Romanov, Bourbon, Carolingian, Merovingian and many other tops families.
However, blind following of fashion is not always the best choice. It can be seen as the false pride, arrogance or upstart by others. And let's think of a child - while he or she might be quite happy having the name like Adele, Charlotte, Norah, Isabella, Edgar or Nicholas; but there are slightly less chances, that your child will be delighted bearing name of Dagmar, Eugenie, Oda, Xenia, Boren, Arnau or Lothair...
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What is your opinion on this trend in children's names? Is it worth to pick aristocratic name for your little stroller king or queen; or is it better to go simple, and, let's say, start your own family tradition by naming your little wonder by one of the grandparents?

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tom (Tuesday, 04.7.09 @ 02:01am)
Great thing to vote on I have always felt it was a hot topic. :)

YN (Tuesday, 10.22.13 @ 14:16pm)
I don't see the problem with Dagmar. Here in Denmark, it's not really that unusual.

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