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Michael Jackson

Created: 2008-08-29 15:31:25
Closed: 2009-09-18 05:49:33
This is the question everyone's got the opinion on. Michael Jackson is a very controversial figure and the clear decision on his real significance is hard to do.
He is undoubtedly music genius. The influence of Michael Jackson to the world's culture - that is music, fashion, human rights, social problems and many more - is enormous. The title of the King fits him highly.
However, we do know little about the real personality of the so called King of Pop. In many cases, his lifestyle, behavior, statements and actions were as little as strange. Start from endless plastic surgery operations, the Neverland home, almost dropping his own baby and financial problems; end with dependency on drugs, sleeping with children in one bed, accusations and trials on child sexual abuse.
So who is Michael Jackson for real? Tell us your point of view.
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Update: as sad news are now known all over the world, we will be closing this poll on the funeral day of Micheal Jackson. Hurry up!

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