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US Presidential Elections

Created: 2008-08-28 21:51:53
Closed: 2016-11-17 10:45:04
US Presidential Elections of 2008 are already called the most controversial and most interesting all over the world.
We have two sitting senators, who both were born outside main US territory (Obama - in Hawaii, McCain - in Panama Canal Zone).
Moreover, we have first African American candidate, so US faces a huge challenge over racism, and has an excellent possibility to prove, that this problem is no longer existing.
The main competitors are democrat Barack Obama and republican John McCain. There are more candidates to the post of the president, however, it is very unlikely, that any of them will win elections.
Which candidate do you support? Has your favorite changed during savage and surprising campaign? Vote, and tell us.
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Update: even before all the votes were counted, America was sure, that it will have a first black president. And that it would be a challenging time for elected president - Barack Obama

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