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Britney Spears Gets Children Custody Back?

Created: 2008-10-28 01:25:16
The princess of pop has risen again. Britney Spears managed to return good old times - her songs are in the tops, her new album, "The Circus", is already a craze and is likely to boost up just after releasing it. Britney's behavior and mental state look normal, and her physical outlook is again perfect as well.
So Britney goes for the next step - she wants to get her children custody back from their father, Kevin Federline.
She has already planned her figth with the ex-husband and is preparing to move back to her homeland, Liusiana, with her children. A new family house is being built there.
Of course, Kevin will not give up easy...
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What is your opinion - is Britney ready and can take care of her children properly? Or is she still unstable and may relapse to her poor state again anytime?

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