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Obama's Health Care Plan

Created: 2010-03-10 12:40:52
Barack is working in all spheres, health care being not the exception. Already in his pre-election program Obama promised to reform the US health care system by expanding its coverage, improving quality, lowering costs, honoring patient choice and holding insurance companies accountable.
According to the US president, the present health care system is unsustainable, too expensive and complex for citizens, so he offers to reshape the nation's medical landscape. Obama plans to cover nearly 50 million uninsured Americans, to persuade doctors to stress quality over quantity of care, to squeeze billions of dollars from spending. Therefore he proposes socialized medicine model and claims it to be one of the changes America needs. The President keeps his line - let's change, let's act, get things done and deal with the problems of our country.
However, first thing, that makes some people to oppose the plan, is the timing - is it really affordable and suitable to do it right now, they ask. Another proposal that raises concern is the proposed government-run health insurance program that could force health care providers out of business and kill the private health care system. Finally, the program itself is not clear enough - results are planned ahead of the actual actions.
Which side do you support?
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William H Stoddard (Friday, 07.3.09 @ 00:28am)
I'm dead set against any proposal to mandate health insurance, as Congress apparently wants to; it faces me with the prospect of being forced to pay for insurance that I can't afford, wiping out my retirement savings. Under a voluntary plan, if I can't afford insurance, I can go without and not be any worse off than I am now . . . and if a lot of people don't sign up, that will be clear evidence that the plan isn't working. Let's trust people to know for themselves what constitutes hardship for them.

Dan (Friday, 07.3.09 @ 04:40am)
What if I would rather just keep my money? I wonder if Obama has visited Massachusetts recently? Their residents premiums increased more than the national average AFTER mandatory health insurance skeam passed down their. What about people like me who are unemployed at the moment and have better things to spend our money on than health insurance - like rent and food.

zHENYA (Sunday, 07.5.09 @ 08:45am)
Come on people, pressure your reps about this! We don't have to take this lying down. Get the word out about this fascist bill. Protest!!!!

ebeavers_22 (Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 21:04pm)
It is a nice symbolic gesture, but there are to many people who just don't have the means to support this. Our politicians have lost their way. We need new ones.................

sydni (Friday, 11.12.10 @ 23:43pm)

Brownie (Monday, 06.6.11 @ 22:22pm)
When person who created the plan has and wants the ability to opt out there is a prob.

Bank Reviews (Monday, 09.26.11 @ 03:41am)
I believe that the timing is right on the spot

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