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Obama Is Dumping Biden

Created: 2008-09-18 02:04:51
Closed: 2008-12-26 20:47:23
Looks like we closed poll on Obama's VP too early - talks are going, that Mr Biden will be replaced. And what is more, replaced by Hillary!
Biden is a perfect politician - experienced, intelligent, wise. But that's it. When Palin came to stage, and "PalinMania" started, Biden became invisible. So rumors claim, that Biden will officially "resign because of health problems", and Obama will invite Hillary to join his fight against Palin. Because she, and no longer McCain, is Obama's biggest problem now.
On the other hand, Obama's supporters don't like Hillary, and Obama himself does not like to be "the second", which is OK for McCain, as Palin now seems like presidential candidate, not McCain himself.
Another question is, if the rumors are correct, why should Mrs Clinton accept VP ticket anyway...
Moreover, similar talks were going about McCain dumping Palin, and majority of our visitors now see them as only misleading whispers.
Help us find out the truth - will Biden stay as Obama's running mate, or will he be replaced?
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Update: Obama is a trustworthy man and keeps his word - he did not dump Biden, as some predicted. Maybe that is why we chose him to be our leader.

This poll is closed.
Total votes: 129

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Cats r Flyfishn (Sunday, 09.21.08 @ 01:02am)
Palin's popularity is sinking like a rock. The worst the economy is getting the better for Obama/Biden. Palin is too stupid and people realize that. She has no appeal to most females. Men like her for obvious reasons.

Ted (Friday, 09.26.08 @ 22:30pm)
Obama no fool, he keeps Biden.

B (Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 00:28am)
Obama's camp has too much steam to do this now -

John (Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 22:38pm)
Osama/Obama and Hillary are both a losing ticket.

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