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Honduras crisis

Created: 2009-07-11 20:43:04
Constitutional crisis in Honduras is still evolving. This little country is one of the least developed and least secure countries in Central America that experienced military rule, corruption, a huge wealth gap, huge unemployment, crime and natural disasters over the years. However, it looked like recently the situation was getting better - coffee and banana export was growing and some travel companies even started offering Honduras vacation packages, as this little country is cheap and also has those beautiful sandy Caribbean beaches.
All this effort was swapped on June 28th, when the armed forces of Honduras arrested President Manuel Zelaya. This action was a response to his attempt to hold a non-binding referendum. Congress and the Supreme Court had ruled it as unconstitutional.
Now the president who was elected in hotly-contested, but honest election in November 2005, is in exile and the negotiations are being organized.
There have been regular demonstrations both for and against Zelaya in Honduras. His ousting drew widespread criticism across the world. USA reaction was careful - according Obama, Honduras should resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue and keep to democracy.
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What is your opinion on the situation in Honduras? Tell us in comments and give your vote either for or against Zelaya.

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Ray (Saturday, 07.11.09 @ 19:00pm)
The removal from office of one man, no matter what position that man held, can not be considered a coup unless that man is a dictator. If the President of Honduras committed a breach of Constitutional authority, and the Supreme Court ruled that he did, then he should be removed from office as provided by their Constitution, as is the case in Honduras. Therefor, there is NO "Constitutional Crisis"," as the author of this poll claims.

Marcio (Saturday, 07.11.09 @ 23:47pm)
That`s it Ray, the Honduran constitution has an article that acts like a trigger exactly to prevent such dictators. The simple action of (even) a consult constitutes in the very fall of the perpetrator...

fred miller (Sunday, 07.12.09 @ 07:43am)
I is interesting how leftist not only in CA and SA but around the world including the US are pro Zelaya. and do not even consider the fact that Zelaya attempted to violate the Honduran constitution and was trying to turn Honduras into a communist country with him as dictator. If that had happened and it might, we all better pray for the Honduran people. I do not believe the US will help prevent and will actually aid the communist gain control in Honduras, considering their current administration.

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